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Hail is one seriously destructive force, particularly when it comes to our vehicles. Cars, trucks, and even boats which we happen to have outside during one of these storms can sustain such damage they are often considered totaled. Insurance or not, there is nothing like the feeling of seeing the harm done to our hard-earned belongings. The cost alone to fix this damage can be staggering to top it all off. Here we will cover a few steps which are highly effective in repairing the dents caused by hail; read on and discover how it can be easier than you think.

Steps to Repairing Hail Damage
The good news regarding this issue is that simple household items and even sunlight can do a great deal to rectify the problem. Depending on the extent of the damage there are actually things you can do yourself to improve or even eliminate the dents made by hail. Below are some simple steps and suggestions to make this frustrating situation better.
Put your vehicle in a place where it is warm and the sun is shining on it
The warmth from direct sun will actually cause your vehicle’s metal to expand as it warms, which will naturally cause the dents to pop out on their own. If the damage your car or other vehicle has sustained happened during a cold or overcast season simply wait until you have a day that is warm and sunny enough to do this. If you choose this step the vehicle will need to sit in the warm sun for about one week. You will find around 90% of the dents will be gone.

Hot Air Application
This is a good option if you simply aren’t in the right season for the sun step and do not want to wait for summer. By using a hair dryer set on high heat or a heat gun and directing the heat at each dent you will get the same effect. This is also a great solution for dealing with the dents which the sunlight couldn’t take care of. Keep in mind that this method may begin to cause a slight bit of paint damage or discoloration. If this begins to happen, stop applying the heat and put wax or another similar compound to the area to restore the luster and color.

Dry Ice
Dry ice applied directly to each dent can have an amazing effect. For remaining damage apply the ice directly to the dent itself. Continue this until frost forms on the dry ice and then remove it from the dent. Now use your heat gun or blow dryer in the same manner explained above. Any discoloration which occurs can be dealt with, once again, with an auto body wax or similar compound.

Last but not least, take it to a Paintless auto body specialist
Of course, this is what we all want to avoid, but the truth is there are times it cannot be avoided. If you have insurance coverage for this type of damage follow any procedures your specialist requires, and make sure to ask your body shop to utilized used parts if at all possible. This will save you money and keep you in good standing with your insurance company.
Don’t simply rush your car to an auto shop in a panic when you suffer dents as a result of a hail storm. Implement the steps above and you will be surprised at the results you get. Your body shop will help you with any dents you could not take care of yourself, and before long you be back on the road looking as smooth as ever!